Minimalistic web client for macOS

Weave in and out of the web without losing focus.

Download on the Mac App Store.

Web productivity booster.

Working with links within your workflow and mental context reduces clutter in your main browser.

Preview links from macOS Mail, Twitter or Evernote quickly and without distraction – keep your focus on the current working context. Hit the Escape key to go right back to where you were.

Designed to reduce clutter.

Enjoy far fewer tabs in your main browser. Spend less time juggling your app and browser windows.

Minimal chrome.

WebBuddy's chrome recedes as you work with web content. The result – the content really comes out.

Hover over the title bar to reveal the toolbar for actions on the page.

Plays nicely with other browsers.

Use WebBuddy as a preview tool for links in apps, then selectively commit to do more work with content with your main browser or other tool, such as Evernote.

Open links directly in a browser of choice by clicking it with modifier keys configured in WebBuddy.

Full-screen savvy.

Great apps like Mail, iPhoto or iTunes really come alive in full-screen mode.

Seamlessly weave in and out of the web while in your full-screen workflow. You'll never get bounced to another space after clicking a link again.

Less tabs in 2 weeks, or your money back.

Try WebBuddy for 14 days. If your digital environment isn't less cluttered after using WebBuddy, we'll fully refund your purchase price. No risk.

Make web activity more efficient and fluid with WebBuddy.

Download on the Mac App Store.

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